(the Siberian color-point)

Moscow Club "ZOOMIR" WCF



In the CATTERY there are TWO YOUNG KITTIES: ABIGAL and EVA are our Neva glaMOUR.

My cattery is one of the few where there are two young cats, and you know, that a youth - the guarantee of quality and beauty of a kitten!

The main object of our cattery is systematic and consecutive breeding work, which purpose - getting the type as much as possible approached to ideal, described in operating standard WCF.

In the cattery you can get kittens for breeding and for soul - the true friend and the tender favorite who will be always devoted to you, will support in a difficult minute and with pleasure will divide your pleasure! These blue eyes Neva Masquerade kittens never will leave you indifferent. We are glad to welcome you in our cattery of Neva Masquerade cats (Siberian color-point)!

Having stopped on breeding Siberian (Neva Masquerade), you have made a correct choice. Neva Masquerade or "masquerades" are called all over the world " the pride of Russia ". For anybody it is not a secret, that popularity of breeding the Siberian color-point grows every year, already any exhibition does not do without these blue-eyed beautiful cats who have truly Russian beauty and are extraordinary beautiful, graceful, kind and sociable animals. Neva Masquerade cats for short time had time to win recognition of experts and fans Siberians as in our country, and abroad. Neva Masquerade cat is inherent sincere allegiance to the owner and goodwill. It is very pleasant, that our domestic breed goes confidently to a general recognition both domestic and foreign fans of cats.

If you liked our cats and you would like to get Neva Masquerade kitten, it can be carried out, having made the advanced order by e-mail: Also it is possible to reserve the kitty, having called to us by phone: +7(917)-593, +7(499)-727

The breeder of the cattery: Kuskova Irina
The big experience in breeding of cats, the experience of 12 years.
The honorary member of club " Zoomir ".
Russia, Moscow